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Review: Lana Del Rey, Stockholm, 8th of April 2013

I was really looking forward to hear the songbird Lana Del Rey live. I'm not a huge fan and I can just sort of sing-a-long to a few songs but I always love women who can sing.

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Support act: Kassidy
Kassidy, a Scottish alternative rock band, were pretty ok. I didn't have much opinion about them from listening to them before the concert (seemed ok) but they're really nice live. I would definitely love being in a bar or club while they play live. The melodies were really good but neither me nor my friend really liked the singing to it. My friend said: "if they would have an all instrumental album I'd listen to it".

Main act: Lana Del Rey
Almost an hour (21:20 / 9:20pm) after Kassidy got off the stage did Lana finally show up. I was starting to wonder what the hiccup was, most of the stage were hidden to begin with so it couldn't have been the rigging. It gave me time to look at the girls with cute flower headbands though, as Lana sometimes has. When Lana finally came out in her light green dress the audience roared. 

Lana almost immediately disappeared from the stage though, to the joy of the audience in front row, down to the ditch where she said hi to the fans (we all heard them in her mic)*. She went down to the ditch more than once(!) during the show. I'd therefore recommend getting a spot in front row if you're a huge fan.

At first I didn't have much of a view as the petite girl I am but half into the concert me and my friend went up to the balcony where we found a VIP-area where all sat down. We stayed behind the VIP for the rest of the concert since we could see the whole stage really well from there.

The stage decor was nice with huge screens for videos, which was kind of lost on the floor but really added to the experience when I could see them on the balcony. It was especially beautiful during the short film version of Ride.

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What really struck me during the concert was Lana's voice. Some artists have great voices on the album but when you hear them live you realise it's all thanks to sound editing. Lana though has a wonderful voice.

She sang several of her well known songs and she also did some covers. My favourite cover must have been Heart-shaped box by Nirvana, it was extra special this concert considering it was 19 years ago on the date that Kurt Cobain was found dead. She also did Blue velvet by Tony Bennett (which she performed in H&M's campaign) and Knocking on heaven's door by Bob Dylan.

I must admit, I cried during my favourite songSummertime sadness. I'm a bit sad she didn't sing Dark paradise though. The last song for the night was National anthem and the concert was over around 22:50 (10:50pm). I felt the ending was a bit abrupt though since Lana apparently doesn't do encores.

All in all, it was a really nice concert and I don't regret going. It could have been a bit longer and without the 1h wait but other than that; great.

* I don't know if it's a trend or not but I've noticed it's more common among artists now to care more about the experience for the fans and meeting them during the show. Lady Gaga talk to the fans and she bring up some of them on stage and Within Temptation sign tickets (and whatnot) in the ditch afterwards. I hope it's a growing trend.

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