Saturday, April 06, 2013

Nirvana nostalgia

I've never been fond of highlighting someone's death, it just feels weird, I rather remember the good times or think of them on their birthday. I'm doing an exception today. On the 5th of April 1994 Kurt Cobain took his life, it's now 19 years ago since yesterday. Crazy!

I was 7 years old when that happened and didn't even know who he was. Some years later both of my older stepbrothers started listening to Nirvana so even if Nirvana was no more I kind of grew up with their music. When I was around 15 years old in 2002 the self titled best of album Nirvana came out and I bought it.

I think I drove my mum crazy during that time. I was completely addicted and played the whole CD on repeat and some songs a bit extra. I'm not completely sure why I bought it, it could have been a mix of things like starting to find my own music taste and the fact the boy I liked then listened to Nirvana.

What I really loved with Nirvana's songs were especially the intros and the riffs, several of them still give me the chills. Two songs with great intros are: Come as you are and Sliver. The best part in In bloom, for me, starts after the intro around 0:25.

I remember watching Smells like teen spirit on MTV, back in the day when it was a music channel. I also remember watching MTV unplugged with Nirvana. I really don't know how old I was when doing so but I can still see in my minds eye Kurt on that stage.

The Nirvana album was a step toward acquiring the music taste I have today. I can't say how much that album or band influenced me considering it was so long ago but it definitely helped shape my music taste. So, thank you Kurt Cobain and may you rest in peace.

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