Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My hunt for Canon EOS 100D

After getting my camera back from the professional photographer, who tried it out, I started to think even more about upgrading to something newer. When I looked around I found Canon EOS 100D which comes out this year.

Now, I would be fine with an older camera too, I'm not really the type that needs the latest (my computer is from 2007, just sayin'). What's so special with 100D is the fact it's smaller than the rest of them, the one I have now is 128,8mm and 100D is just 116,8mm. I have quite small hands so I liked the size in theory. I've been trying to find it in a store to be able to feel it in my hands...

...but that have been impossible. A friend of mine, from the UK, said it hasn't come out yet. In all Swedish stores it just said 'sold out' so I was pretty sure it had in Sweden. Today the camera started to come back in stores - online. So far no store nearby have it offline.

If this camera fits like a glove in my hand I might actually buy it (for what money I don't know) but if it doesn't feel right I will start to look into the older category again with the bigger cameras. I just really want to try it out first and then decide what to do. Not follow the hype like I did with my EOS 450D.

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