Monday, March 04, 2013

Shop stop February: evaluation

Two goals of mine during February was to have 10 days without shopping (food not counted in) and no jewellery making shopping. I managed both of my goals during the month (29th of Jan-25th of Feb). Go me! I don't have a shop stop in March though since my birthday is this month. I will still keep track of what I spend money on and think twice before I buy.

In February I bought some useless things, for example a cheap tamagotchi retro game to my phone which game me both joy and frustration and cupcakes (to try for my birthday). I also bought some books at the national book sale that comes at the end of February each year in Sweden (since the 1920's). The books was quite unnecessary but it only comes once a year and reading is good.

A part of this shop stop is also to not refuse myself culture events like museum trips, gallery shows and concerts but to make sure culture is a part of my life. I bought tickets to Daughter, concert in April, and I visited the replica exhibition of Tutankhamun's grave and treasures (super cool).

Overall I think I did a pretty good job during February, just as January, and it has made me more aware of what and why I shop the times I do. In April I will make sure to jot down every time I grocery shop too. Our society is too much about shopping and throwing away no matter if it's food or things and hopefully this year I will work against that in my own life. I want to focus on the good parts in life and buy things I will actually use.

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