Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: Whisper of the heart [anime]

First time I saw this Studio Ghibli movie I didn't review it, mostly because it wasn't a movie that really stuck with me. It was a nice movie but nothing fantastic but then I re-watched it the other day and realised how beautiful it really is, specially to a bookworm like me.

Whisper of the heart is about 14 year old Shizuku who reads a lot of (library) books which all of them happens to be read by a boy at school, Seiji, whom she doesn't like at first. Just as they start to know each other better he goes to Italy to follow his dream and that motivates her to test her talents too. Two months later they meet again.

It's a really beautiful and yet simple story in this movie (based on a manga). It doesn't have the wow factor as for example Spirited away got but it's a sweet story with the foundation that you should go for your dreams in both love and career.

One of the really nice touches with the movie was the red thread with the song Country roads, which Shizuku translates to Japanese for some friends. Something else I really liked with the movie was the look of the sun and its rays, very beautiful and real.

Whisper of the heart is well worth a watch but if you expect magic and creatures out of the ordinary then you should probably watch Howl's moving castle or Spirited away instead.

whisper of the heart by ~MissIfa on deviantART

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