Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm participating in Earth Hour today - as always

I'm going to turn off my lights, computer(!) and TV for one hour today, just as I do every year at 20:30 (8:30pm) for Earth Hour - a world event about climate change. I will light all the candles in my apartment and just enjoy the silence and stillness while knowing I'm not alone, that lots of other people in Europe do the same that very hour.

Last year, after Earth Hour, I wrote the blog post You're not alone in the dark about learning from our differences and working for this planet and its beings together.

Some facts: 135 countries and 5000 cities took part of Earth Hour in 2011. 152 countries and 6950 cities took part in 2012. Several land marks like the Eiffel tower, the Golden gate bridge, Sydney harbour bridge have turned off the lights during the years. [wiki and]

Every --:30 today lots of people and cities all over the world turn off their lights (8:30pm local time) for the climate, quite amazing when you think about it.

Are you going to turn off the lights for Earth Hour?

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