Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hultsfred festival moves to Stockholm

I read on the news today that one of the most prominent Swedish festivals moves from its location in southern Sweden (where it's been since 1986) to near the capital Stockholm higher up in the country. Mostly to attract our capital's population. The festival will now be called Hultsfred Stockholm.

Hultsfred festival was during a lot of years the synonym to festival in Sweden, even if you had never been there you had heard of the place. It was the biggest festival in Sweden during the 90's up to middle of 00's. It started 1986 in the city Hultsfred in southern Sweden. In 2010 the festival had to close the shop but came back with new owners in 2011, FKP Scorpio, who have lost 17 million SEK the last two years on the festival. They say that the modern festival goer doesn't like to travel and most of their tickets are sold in Stockholm so they move it there, it's an approx 4 hour change from the original place.

I still think people want to travel if the ticket cost and the artists are worth it. There are a lot of festivals that have gone belly up the last couple of years all over the world but some grow stronger - maybe we should look at them and see what they're doing right? I think a good brand is a part of it, Hultsfred seem to have lost theirs along the way.

It's going to be interesting to see if this move will fix Scorpio's problems. If it doesn't fix the problems then the question is if Scorpio will dump Hultsfred and focus on their more profitable festivals, then an era will definitely go to the grave. I will wait and see how it goes.

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