Thursday, February 07, 2013

The birthday project

My birthday is like a month away and I've been planning back and forth on what to do. I didn't celebrate my birthday last year due to some circumstances so I wanted to celebrate a bit extra this year. I have no idea if my parents will come and visit or what will happen with that though.

On my actual day I'm planning just a calm evening with my best friend where we eat cake (not Princess cake as usual if I can get the one I want), cupcakes and macarons while watching Marie Antoinette. I got a crazy idea of drinking REAL champagne (only done once) but we'll see.

The weekend before I'm planning to have an online party for friends, strangers and acquaintances all over the world. I'm right now trying to find a chat which we can use for that (going slow). I have no idea if people will come or not but at my 24th birthday it was a success! This year I've planned some games and other fun.

The weekend after I'm planning on eating at my favourite restaurant and going out partying somewhere, I haven't planned where yet.

In the coming week I'm going to try some macarons and cupcakes to see where to buy them from (this is the best part of all of this planning I'd say).

I'm going to celebrate the star of my 26th year in style! ;)

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