Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: Easy A [movie]

I finally watched Easy A today and felt it was an ok teenage movie. It had the typical girl who isn't seen at first, stuff happens, the boy she loves talks to her, cliché people, more stuff happens and then it's all ok. I think that it despite that did a pretty good job since it wasn't the whole "make the girl pretty and the boy she loves will see her" as a lot of teenage movies are. I think it brought up an interesting subject.

It's about a girl, Olive (Emma Stone), who lies to her best friend about having sex with a college guy (she's a virgin and haven't dated anyone) which a "very christian" girl (Amanda Bynes) at the school overhears and soon the whole school knows about it. It all escalates when another friend whom she tells the truth to asks her to have fake sex with him so people can stop bullying him for being gay. After a while more and more outcast boys come to her for help and she let them pretend and spread rumours about them having sex or making out. It all takes a bad turn when it spreads she gave the boyfriend to the christian girl chlamydia. A red thread through the story is the book The scarlet letter which they read in class and the boy that she's been in love with for years (Penn Badgley).

Most of the characters were pretty standard teenage movie characters (the christian group, the nerds, the popular and the love interest) except the main one and probably her family I must admit. It's a good movie overall and it's specially good if you don't want a deep movie with a hard to understand plot. It was also nice to see a smart and grounded girl as a main character, she did remind me a bit about Laney Boggs in She's all that though and a bit of a young Peyton Sawyer from the TV series One Tree Hill.

Anyway, it's worth a watch I'd say.

Easy A by ~michA-sAmA on deviantART

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