Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Projects update: February

When I do things that is a bit bigger I call them projects, it can be everything from organising an event to rearranging my kitchen. It's good for both having a good overview of what needs to be done and for evaluating when it's finished. Below are some of the ones I've been working on lately and their status.

Last update: January

January, jeez that month flew by. I've been quite busy with work so I'm a little behind on things but I'm planning on focusing on my exhibition project during February and hopefully book a place.

♥ Friendship project
Still one person that haven't gotten back to me. The other 3 needs to be photographed and shipped to their owners.
3/4 done

♥ Selling/giving away
Just sold nine more things and have found some more stuff for sale! This is still an open  project but I sell stuff every time I put up stuff now so it goes well.
3.5/4 done

♥ Closet project
I still need to make holes in the plastic boxes and add lavender pillows. I will work on it when I have time. It's kind of the last priority.
3.5/4 done

♥ Tech sale
My room mate still don't know where the key is so this has been a stand still. Progress though, my room mate has promised to pay for a new key!
1/4 done

♥ Finding the perfect job
Been to two job interviews before Christmas and they were both impressed but both wanted a musician and I am not (maybe I should learn an instrument?) so the quest continues. Suggestions are appreciated in events, concerts and festival organising oh and youth projects. Résumé!
0/1 done

♥ Earring project Z
I've so far gotten some info which I need to compile, decide on colours and look and then make, photograph and put up on Etsy and deviantART.
1/4 done

♥ Shop stop January - DONE
It went fairly well, what most of my money was put on was jewellery making things so I'm having a shop stop  during February on that too.
1/1 done

♥ NEW: Shop stop February
I decided to continue the shop stop. This month I can't buy jewellery stuff if it's not emergency (which I have made sure shouldn't happen) and I feel pretty confident overall for this month. Deadline 25th of February.
0/1 done

♥ NEW: Exhibition project
I have some leads now that I'm going to contact during February to see if they lead anywhere and hopefully sometime during this year I will have organised an exhibition in Gothenburg. Tips for exhibition places would be great (the more the merrier!). Project parts: Book place, organise the artists, exhibition, evaluation.
0/4 done

♥ Making the store V-day ready
Valentine cards up for sale. The jewellery is finished, it's just not up for sale since my camera and I aren't friends at the moment but it's coming :) maybe not ready for V-day but still :)
3/4 done

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