Monday, February 11, 2013

Can we discuss women in subjects about women?

In Sweden a discussion about internet hate against women have sparked. It's been a TV program about it, debates, twitter discussions and so on. For example have a couple of prominent female journalists, writers,  radio hosts and so on been in a video where they read some of these awful letters out loud. Some of those "fan mail" give me a chill down my spine, for example one that thoroughly go through what the person will do, how he will rape her and do with her body after he kills her.

What isn't great with this discussion is all the upset men that complain and try to turn the issue back to them with "Don't forget the men who don't hate or rape". Wtf? You want a reward or something? No one should get a medal for not doing something that is common sense not to do, we don't hand out rewards to people who don't murder...

Sweden is supposed to be one of the most gender equal countries in the world but there are times like this when I wonder if we're really that much further than the rest. When can we discuss a subject that has to do with women for real without men meddling about how bad it is for them and how we're not acknowledging how kind and nice some of them are? I'm sure they are but that they go unacknowledged isn't the main  issue here!

What have surfaced from this discussion though is the reverse, an internet love movement. It's about writing an e-mail or comment to your favourite journalist, blogger, radio hosts and so on (no matter the gender) that describes what makes that person a favourite of yours. I think that's a wonderful idea and that more people should do it.

I really hope though that the internet hate against women discussion isn't just a one hit wonder that pops up a couple of weeks just to fade away to the world of forgotten causes. I hope this spark will spread throughout the world and that it, just as the rape debate in India, will spark a discussion about womens' situation in the world and how to change it (and that it will change for the better but I doubt it!).

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