Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Behind the scenes of urban murals in Łódź [video]

I've written before about how city art can make the grey and worn down city come to life and this is a perfect example of that. I recommend watching this 4 minute video about how some huge murals came to life in Łódź (Poland).

The murals are a part of Urban Forms Gallery which is the main project of Urban Forms Foundation (created 2009). The project is co-financed by the city of Łódź, which I think is fantastic!

This is what Urban Forms say on their website about the project:
The fundamental idea of this project is to create a permanent exhibition of street art in the public space in the city centre of Lodz. Exhibition, in majority, will be composed of large format pictures painted directly on side elevations of tenement houses in the city centre of Lodz. [source]

Galeria Urban Forms 2012 

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  1. Wow - that was simply incredible! It's really intriguing to watch the process... I have always been blown away by large-scale street art... I can't imagine the time, effort, and imagination it takes. It's kind of sad to think about all of the elements wearing it away over time... Thanks for sharing! Found you via Etsy's Blog Team:)


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