Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shop stop January: evaluation

I did fairly good this month and I have decided to continue with February. I mostly put my money on stuff to create jewellery for etsy. I have also been to more than one store where I have decided in the last minute not to buy anything since I don't really need them, like a canvas and calligraphy pens.

It was first planned that each month would end the 25th and start the 26th but I'm a little behind this month so it ends on the 28th instead. I've indulged in three magazines and Patti Smith tickets. Useless things were a water kettle and a handmade wine cork.

I have sold some clothes and stuff online and have more things up for sale so hopefully more will come to new loving homes. I have also started to go through my home for useless things which I can sell or give away to charity.

I'm pretty proud of myself and for next month I have decided I am not allowed to buy any new jewellery parts (that will be hard) but I am allowed to buy photos, mostly since I have a client who is going to buy some photos from me soon.

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