Friday, January 11, 2013

Shop stop January 2013: update

I have decided to do this month by month, one year seem too hefty to take on all at once. I have so far managed the first days of the new year despite all the sales everywhere.

Ok, so to be fair I have bought things within my "ok zone" which is schampoo, conditioner, underwear, two magazines and some things for my etsy shop. What I really shouldn't have bought was a new water kettle but I've been searching for one since last year. This one was on sale and it had the temperature setting I wanted (as the tea lover I am), plus my old one was bought 2006 (still worked though) so it was time to upgrade.

I did well some days ago though. I went to the grocery store and when I walked in there were super cheap (approx. $1) nail polish and other stuff. I saw a green glittery and thought I'd buy it when that voice of reason in my head said "So, when are you planning on wearing it? Didn't you buy nail polish just a while ago which you haven't used yet and fyi you barely ever wear nail polish anyway." and I surrendered to it and walked away.

Now, that $1 nail polish isn't much but with a lot of small amounts going to useless things then it will start being quite a lot of money to waste.

What I think I did really good was when I unsubscribed from all the texts I get from different stores, in the next few days I will start unsubbing from some of the e-mails I get too.

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