Monday, January 21, 2013

An amazing documentary about blind photographers

I just watched the 31 min documentary Dark light: the art of blind photographers by Neil Leifer and I'm in awe. It's just amazing at what the three photographers, Pete Eckert, Henry Butler and Bruce Hall, can do. Their work and their persistence inspire me.

In a world where everyone thinks you must see to be able to be a visual artist like a photographer these three photographers show the world wrong. If someone would have shown me their photos without telling me about the photographers I wouldn't for a moment thought they couldn't see. They see with their photography and inner vision.

I had a poll some time ago, in an art group I have, about what they would do if they would go blind. Several said they would lie down and die because they couldn't do the art they loved, others said they would switch to for example music and a rare few said they would continue.

Dark light shows that nothing is impossible even if it might seem so.

Trailer of Dark light: the art of blind photographers

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