Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A possible project: Shop stop 2013

I've been thinking back and forth on this for quite a while now how our society just buys and throws and buys and throws... and I've come to the realisation I don't want to be a part of that.

Last year I went through parts of my apartment and specially my closet. I gave away several bags (5+) to second hand and I've sold quite a lot online. I didn't want it to be thrown away for no good. I'm also planning on giving away my old coat with some blue stains on it to the homeless. It's in the basement somewhere.

I want to, in my own ways, make this world a better place. I've therefore thought about a shop stop during 2013 on useless things I don't need and new stuff (not that I shop often anyway). I haven't outlined my rules fully yet though.

I'm thinking about accepting fun stuff like museums, art, concerts, festivals - cultural events in other words since that's a big part of me. Travels are also ok. I'm also thinking about accepting second hand stores BUT I am allowed to buy new stuff if truly needed like shoes, holiday decorations and things I can't find at second hand. I'm also allowed to shop for my store and of course on etsy (good cause). Food, hygiene stuff and facial cleaning stuff is ok too - of course.

I might give myself a break when on holiday somewhere but as said my rules for the shop stop are quite open at the moment and I need to work on them a bit more, if I'm going through with it. We'll see how hard I will be on myself, which reminds me I need to come up with a punishment!

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  1. Jag är otroligt nyfiken på att följa ditt köp-stopp! Lycka till!

    / En som också tänkt tanken, men inte kommit dit än...


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