Thursday, January 31, 2013

11 words you have to start using

Words I really really like, not because how they sound but because of what they mean.

1. Petrichor
The comforting/ refreshing smell of rain falling on dry earth – originally created by two Australian researchers as recently as 1964.

2. Dysania
The hardship faced when attempting to successfully get out of bed in the morning.

3. Scandiknavery
Originally dreamt up by James Joyce, it’s used to described the deviant acts / skullduggery of the Scandinavian people.

4. Cingulomania
The strong desire to hold someone in your arms.

5. Bohemian
Have meant a lot of things during the years: people from Bohemia (Czech Republic) or gypsy for the French. Now it usually refers to those who live a vagabond life or to a person (writer or artist) who lives and acts free of regard to conventional rules and practices.

6. Apodyopsis
The act of mentally undressing someone.

7. Cheiloproclitic
Being attracted to a person's lips or mouth.

8. Wabi Sabi
The very simplistic answer is that it's imperfect beauty. In reality it's so much more since there is no precise translation from Japanese.

9. Kismet
A word with Arabic origin that means fate or destiny.

10. Globetrotting (globetrotter)
To travel often and widely, especially for sightseeing.

And and interesting word I've found a while back:
11. Glabella, the name of the space between your eyebrows

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