Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: Arthur Christmas

This is truly the perfect movie to watch to get some Christmas feeling (specially the ending, I can reveal). I might even watch it again before Christmas!

It's about Santa's youngest son Arthur who truly believe in the Christmas spirit. He gets a letter from a girl who want to believe in Santa but just so happens her Christmas gift gets lost and is the only child who might be without a gift from Santa on Christmas morning. Arthur and his grandpa together with an old reindeer and an elf take the matters into their own hands...

Arthur Christmas is a great movie for the whole family. I would say though that to get the full enjoyment of it you need to be a bit older child or an adult. It has some comments about women in a "funny way" though which might be seen as derogatory by some. Mrs Santa is pretty bad ass but unfortunately the only real stereotype in the movie. The elves, I must add, are adorable! All in all, really neat characters with their own distinguishable traits and thoughts.  It was nice to see a not so classic Santa.

The movie is really well made overall and at least the English voice actors fits perfectly! So, watch it if you haven't already.

Arthur Christmas by *sharpie91 on deviantART

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