Friday, December 07, 2012

Projects update - December

When I do things that is a bit bigger I call them projects, it can be everything from organising an event to rearranging my kitchen. It's good for both having a good overview of what needs to be done and for evaluating when it's finished. Below are some of the ones I've been working on lately and their status.

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Where did November go? It felt like it flew by. Been productive though.

Etsy shop - DONE
The first things are up now it's just to keep going. I have lots of things to photograph so I can upload it to Etsy. I've started my etsy shop as my goal was.
4/4 done 

Friendship project

I'm done with all those I can be done with, need to photograph and then send the stuff to their rightful owners. One left, need some information first.

3/4 done

Selling/giving away
Haven't uploaded anything more during November, I will try to upload some stuff after Christmas when everyone is on a shopping binge with their extra money.

3.5/4 done

Tooth project
Just one more time left, on Tuesday the 11th of Dec next week.

3.5/4 done

Closet project
I haven't focused on this during November - at all.
I still need to make holes in the plastic boxes and add lavender pillows. I will work on it when I have time, maybe next year?
3.5/4 done 

Peptalk grandma
Christmas present for my grandma who is loosing her sight. Part 1 and 2 are done. I need to record and materialise, still haven't done that, hopefully next week if I'm not too tired when I come home. Deadline Christmas.

2/4 done 

English calendar - DONE
I bought five of my calendars at deviantart and will put them up on Etsy as soon as they arrive.
No price is set yet, need to double check shipping and such but they won't cost more than 170SEK. Just waiting for them to arrive.
4/4 done

Swedish calendar - DONE
After a lot of hassle with a software I finally could manage to make a calendar. It's waiting to be picked up at the store.
4/4 done

Christmas cards - DONE
Of course I went overboard this year too, there's a surprise in each of them and I've written personal messages under the holiday greeting. Lots of cards too. Sent off the international ones today and next week it will probably be the Swedish ones. The big work is done so I consider this one done.
4/4 done
♥ Tech sale
My room mate still don't know where the key is so this has been a stand still.

1/4 done  

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