Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I'm with etsy store!

And now finally I can say I'm an etsy shop owner! It took a long time to get to this point (perfectionist, yes) and mostly due to working against bad light and an unwilling camera. I have now six pieces up for grabs in my shop so check them out!

About my store:
A piece of love with every sale. Each piece is unique, only made once. In some rare cases I can make something similar but an exact copy can't be made again. I use pearls from old necklaces and bracelets and some new pearls.

There will also be photography, calendars, post cards, heat pillows and painted cups, glass and jars. I will hopefully also sell candles in tea cups.

I want the customer to feel like it's their birthday when they receive their item(s) from me so I take extra care in packaging. You can also for some extra money get your item(s) wrapped if it's a gift to someone special.

My concept is to bring more love and beauty to the world and this is one way to do so. I hope my work will bring a smile to every customer.

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