Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unplanned "exile"

I've been "exiled" from my apartment because of handymen working on the pipes. I can still be there, if I want, but the sound is deafening even when they drill in the other apartments and they got keys now so they will run in and out between 8 and 16 (4pm) every weekday until Christmas. Not really a peaceful and good working environment. I haven't decided yet though on how to do with sleep since I'm having trouble sleeping at the moment but hopefully it will be fine, despite them starting to work in the building at 7am.

I've decided to take refuge at my office during the day. I can't edit my etsy photos at the office though which was the plan with most of December. The plan now is to try to be out early in the morning every day and come home around 16 to work (edit) by the computer. Hopefully I can still meet my deadlines and not fall asleep on the keyboard.

I'm also all out of some of the jewellery material I really need and so is the store I would prefer to buy them from. I bought from another last time and I won't do that again. Hopefully the ones I like will get more within days so I can be productive when away!

I'm trying to find ways to conquer these obstacles. I might be a rare sight this week on the blog due to this but I will try to update when I can and have time. On a positive side note, since my office is at my friend's I might be able to, the days I have nothing to do, work extra for my friend. :)

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