Thursday, November 15, 2012

The lost art of hand writing and why I love to write - by hand

A friend of mine shared an extract from Philip Hensher's new book, The Missing Ink, on facebook which truly caught me, mostly because I'm a writer galore in my heart. I really like writing, I did so most of my young years on everything I could get my hands on. I got new note pads to write on every Christmas and every birthday (and sometimes in between). It could be scribbles, character ideas, short stories finished and unfinished... and even some novels which I've so far haven't finished.Until somewhere in junior high I even handed in all my assignments in hand writing!*

I loved writing, sometimes just for the sake of writing (I still do) and I even have a little bulge on my middle finger to prove it. It has started to go away now though since I mostly type on my computer. I still write some of my poetry in a small note book. I also have an 'idea' note book where I put all my ideas and I've taken up a pen pal. I even own two feather pens just for the fun of it (I do use them). 

It's rare to find someone who likes to write as much as I do and in Philip Hensher's extract I found a writing soul mate. As he described things like learning to spell or about changing his hand writing I could remember how I learnt to spell and how I liked to write in cursive... or even when I saw how my friend's A looked more adult and fancier than mine so I took it and made it my new A (I don't use that A anymore though). I could relate to almost all he wrote and just as him I'm sad to see hand writing slowly go toward its death.

Do you write by hand or is it a lost art to you?

* I didn't own a computer until then. I didn't have Internet at home until I moved away to university.

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