Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The gift wrapping option (sneak peek)

On my about page on etsy I've written "I want the customer to feel like it's their birthday when they receive their item(s) from me so I take extra care in packaging." and that have been my guidance when picking gift wrapping and boxes for the store.

I have two wrapped versions so far and several different rolls of wrapping both for Christmas and birthdays and other occasions. It's fun to experiment! I even have, just for Christmas, a special angel you can write who the gift is for on the back (see below) and "elastic" sealing wax in gold and a heart seal stamp.

Hopefully I will be opening up my etsy shop in a matter of days. There, for a very small fee you can add getting your gift wrapped. Below you will see one of two Christmas versions.

Tell me what you think!

Above. I know the string might get a bit flat but
I hope it will still look pretty when it arrives!

From the side.

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