Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The crazy roller coaster of age restrictions on the Twilight saga

Something that have puzzled me a while now is the back and forth on the age restrictions on the Twilight saga in Sweden. I had to look it up the other day since I heard other movies had their age restrictions lowered this year too.

With some digging I found out: The first movie (Twilight) has 15, which is the highest restriction in Sweden and no one younger than 15 can see it, not even with a parent. New Moon on the other hand had 15 but was changed to 11 due to a court appeal, which means that kids from 7 and up can see it with a parent. Interestingly enough Eclipse had 11 to begin with. Breaking Dawn pt1 though had 15 but changed to 11 after appeal.

When Statens mediaråd (Swedish media council) put 15 on the last movie, Breaking Dawn pt2, it was appealed to the court, as usual, but they didn't change the restriction this time. Breaking Dawn pt2 can therefore only be seen by those who are 15 years old and up in Sweden. Even Norway, a neighbour to Sweden, has 11 on all the films in the Twilight saga. It would have been more logical if both Norway and Sweden had the same restriction on the movies since we're quite alike cultural wise.

Sweden even has the highest age restriction in the world on Breaking Dawn pt2 from the restrictions I've seen on imdb. To add to it, it's even our highest restriction on movies in general (except porn: 18). I also think that many tweens (9-13 year olds) today have seen far worse things, real events, when surfing online or watching the news than what this obviously fictional movie with vampires can ever show.

US / UK / Swedish restrictions:
Twilight: PG-13 / 12A* / 15
New Moon: PG-13 / 12A / 11** (after re-appeal)
Eclipse: PG-13, 12A, 11
Breaking Dawn pt1: PG-13, 12A, 11 (after re-appeal)
Breaking Dawn pt2: PG-13, 12A, 15 (despite re-appeal)
*  Under 12 years old must be accompanied by adult
** 7 or older you can go with a parent (someone older than 18)

Age restriction changed after appeal to the court this year:
Skyfall (from 15 to 11)
Mirror Mirror (from 11 to 7).

Highest age limit overall on movies:
Sweden: 15 (porn has 18)
Norway 18
UK 18
US 18

I also think that if Skyfall was ok to see by 11 year olds then why not Breaking Dawn pt2? I think they (the media council and court) should be more consistent. They should have set one limit on the Twilight saga as a whole and then kept that one instead of going back and forth like this between 15 and 11. So silly!

Twilight imdb | New Moon imdb | Eclipse imdb | Breaking Dawn pt1 imdb | Breaking Dawn pt 2 imdb | Movie restrictions wiki

Swedish articles:
Fansen stoppas från sista 'Twilight' | 'Skyfall' får sänkt åldersgräns |

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