Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama - president again :)

When I went to bed last night (this morning) I was a bit worried about the election results in the US. I was worried that a person that do not believe in equal rights and integrity would become the president.

Cultural wise in the US I find it fascinating how they elect their president. In Sweden it's by amount of votes a political party gets (we have several of them) but in the US it's the electoral vote that does it and each state has a special amount of them - they don't have the same amount. I can both understand it but yet not. I'm glad Obama got both the electoral votes and the most amount of votes, but it was close.

I believe in equal rights for all, I believe in making your own choices (like abortion) and I believe the world is a better place with a mediator than with someone who wants to raise the funding to its country's military. We need to solve things by talking, not bombing.

I'm not an US citizen but it's such a relief Obama got four more years. The world seem a bit safer with him as president of the US. Sure, there are wars, conflicts and problems in the world but as I see it with Obama there won't be more of them - hopefully.

Anyway, congrats Americans!

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  1. The electoral college vote wasn't close at all (and florida and it's 27 electoral college votes still haven't weighed in... don't ask me why the hell it is taking them so long). But it's done and the right man won. God protect him and his country!


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