Friday, November 16, 2012

A project I've taken up just to write by hand

Yesterday I wrote about an excerpt I've read from Philip Hensher's book, that hand writing is starting to become a lost art. It made me think when I read it a while back so I've started a project the undergraduates at University of Exeter (Philip Hensher's students) has to do. One of their creative modules is to make a writer's notebook and in that one share:
 [...] all sorts of things – observations, passing fancies, plot ideas, scribbled asides, as well as sketches and drafts of poems, short stories, perhaps bits of drama. [source]
and I think that it could be fun to see and read when I get older, just as my mum have kept all the drawings and scribbles I've done as a kid because it might be fun when I got older (not there yet).

It's a part of me in a time of my life and even if that part will always be a part of me, the memories will be changed and seen through new eyes and new experiences. If I write it down it's unchanged, stopped in time. I can still see it through my older more experiences eyes (and better handwriting?) in perhaps 20 years from now but it will be scribbled down just as I felt and thought now and therefore unchanged by time.

I don't write every day in my writer's notebook but I try and it has dealt with all from lists to thoughts and feelings on things. It's like a diary but yet not. We'll see if I actually stick to it but (hand) writing will always will be a part of me no matter what. I love to see how my writing change depending on how stressed, how inspired or just how far I've gotten on the page (looks quite bad at the last rows due to poor hand support from the pad).

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