Thursday, November 29, 2012

75 sculptures from 1,5 ton of Mount Everest garbage

15 Nepalese artists have, in one month, gone though 1,5 ton(!!) of garbage from Mount Everest. They've for example used empty oxygen tubes, ropes, yaks, aluminium ladders and broken tents to make their 75 sculptures. The aim is to spread awareness about keeping Everest clean.

I for one think this is an amazing idea but sad that it's needed.

Nearly 4000 climbers have been on Everest to this date and I think it's sick how much they've left behind. Despite the down payment of approximately 4 000 US dollars (26 000 SEK), which the climbers get refunded if they prove they didn't litter, they still have (so far) dumped at least 1,5 ton of crap on that mountain! I think that's disrespectful to treat both mother earth and Everest this way. I mean, even preschoolers learn that what you bring with you into nature you take with you back home again.

I hope the sculptures not only will spread awareness but also that they will make the climbers rethink their habits. The sculptures are also all for sale*. Some of the money will go to the artists and the rest to the organisation Everest Summiteers' Association.

* No clue if they can be found online, I haven't found anything and ESA's website is down due to too much traffic.

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