Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 must have slippers on Etsy

Fox slippers [link]
Size: US 8-9, EU 38-40
So adorable! They will make cold days a treat and soon you want it to be cold just so you can wear these lovelies. Definitely special.

White slippers [link]
Size: all
These slippers are simple but stylish, specially with the extra touch of the pearl on the side. Perfect for a rainy or snowy day.

Fluffy slippers [link]
Size: US 5-8, EU 35-38,5
The perfect slippers for those really cold nights. They're really beautiful with its embroidery and fluffy collar and will definitely keep you warm.

Bow slippers [link]
Size: US 8, EU 38,5
So sweet and simple slippers. The red bow really make these adorable and a little extra. Definitely a treat to wear.

Felted slippers [link]
Size: all women sizes
Perfect for those who during winter can't wait for summer: a  meadow on your feet. Such beautiful slippers which will light up a grey day.

Note: All sellers have 100% positive feedback from customers.

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