Friday, October 05, 2012

The beautiful book: If you see a fairy ring

When I was at the Gothenburg Book Fair I bought a beautifully illustrated book which I told you would get its own blog post and here it is: If you see a fairy ring by Susanna Lockheart.

The amount of work put into this book is just amazing, the detail work and the technical work of this is just splendid. It will have a special place in my book shelf just because of its beauty.

Now, I of course won't show you the whole book but I will let you glance a bit, so take a look:

Cover, you see the first page in the middle

When opening the book it changes

First page, completely changed

It's like a pop up book except that nothing actually pops UP. Some pages has an extra layer which you need to lift and look underneath and then the middle part will change to suit the new page. I think that is so adorable, specially since the illustrations are inspired by the beautiful poems in the book by writers as Laura Ingalls Wilder, Shakespeare and Robert Graves.

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