Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Angel Beats [anime]

This is from now on one of my absolute favourite series, it doesn't rival with Rozen Maiden but it's up there. Angel Beats consist of 13 episodes and two OVA. It's about a group of teenagers who have ended up in some kind of limbo after death because they had horrible and unfulfilled lives, here they get a second chance. We follow the group called Afterlife Battlefront, especially the newest member Otanashi, on adventures, fights, concerts and life changing moments. Afterlife Battlefront's main enemy is "Angel" and their biggest fear at first is to be obliterated.

Now, it's hard to truly explain what this series is about. It's deep with strong life stories but also over the top moments like when the leader of A.B. made some of the members' chairs fly up in the air with them on, just to distract "Angel".

My main issue with this anime is that it wasn't enough with 13 episodes to fully evolve and tell the story of all the characters. It's also around ep8 that the show starts to get really interesting. After some searching online I've seen that from the beginning it was meant to have 25-26 episodes and I think that would had been great since now it feels a bit rushed toward the end. I must say though: the characters are great, each and everyone is a distinct individual with traits and thoughts, I just wished we could've gotten to know more about them. The show is also truly well made overall, specially the fighting scenes and in-show music.

I cried my eyes out in one of the most sad, romantic and beautiful scenes I've ever seen in anime (ep10) and I can, by just thinking about it, feel how the tears start burning in my eyes. My favourite episodes must have been the 10th and the 13th (last). The 13th episode is bitter sweet and both heartbreaking and heart warming as you follow the last members of the Afterlife Battlefront. The end though, I must confess, is a bit confusing but I blame that on the fact that it was too few episodes made.

Angel Beats is definitely worth a watch!

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