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Music quiz based on my top 10 artists

I found this list at felka-wolf at deviantART and just had to do it. Ok, so the last two (maybe three) are a bit thrown in there, I do like them but it could've as easily been Alice in Videoland, Evanescence or Rocky Leon. All the songs can be found in a music list on Spotify (except Utopia by Alanis) and most are also linked to youtube.

Note: I change song favourites now and then and I have so many of them so this is just a small part of the songs and music I like. Oh and if you do this quiz I'd love to see your answers, so give me a link in the comments!

List 10 random musical artists you like in no specific order. 
Warning: Do not read the questions below before listing your favorite artists.
1. Lars Winnerbäck
2. Within Temptation
3. Lady Gaga
4. The Cranberries
5. Angus & Julia Stone
6. Savage garden
7. Cirkus Miramar
8. Krypteria
9. Alanis Morissette
10. The birthday massacre

What's the first song you ever heard by #6? (Savage Garden)
Hm... Madly truly deeply or Too the moon and back. I heard them right after each other so I'm unsure which one was first. Probably To the moon and back since it's the first song on the album my friend played for me.

What's your favourite song by #8? (Krypteria)
I think it's a tie between Victoriam Speramus and Liberatio

What are your favourite lyrics by #5? (Angus & Julia Stone)
I have two, one from them both and one from Julia Stone. Paper aeroplane:
I spilled the ink across the page trying to spell your name
So I fold it up and I flick it out
Paper Aeroplane
It won't fly the seven seas to you
'Cause it didn't leave my room
But it awaits the hands of someone else
The garbage man

Maybe by Julia Stone
Don't be scared, I'm not here for your heart
Don't be scared, I'm not here for your reasons
Don't be scared, I'm just here for the radio
That plays in the background while you're asking me to go

What song by #3 makes you the happiest? (Lady Gaga)
Hm... maybe not happy but I can't stand still and I get energetic to Bad romance.

When did you first get into #2? (Within Temptation)
Since I saw them live 2007 at Arvikafestivalen.

How did you get into #3? (Lady Gaga)
Hm... unsure, probably because I heard her music a lot. I fell the most for Bad romance and Alejandro though. I like her and respect her even more since I saw her live.

What is your favorite song by #4? (The Cranberries)
Depends on my mood: Loud and clear (angry), Shattered (a bit sad), Dying in the sun (nostalgia), Pretty (both versions, nostalgia), Zombie (my first fav)

Have you seen #9 live? How many times? (Alanis Morisette)
No damnit :(

Favorite album by #7? (Cirkus Miramar)
14cc kemiskt (14cc chemical) and my first album with them: Fisk och skaldjur i svenska vatten (Fish and shellfish in Swedish water)

What's your favourite song by #1 (Lars Winnerbäck)
I can't choose. It depends on mood since Lars is so good at putting words on feelings, mostly sad ones. He have saved me more than once. The one I want at my funeral which is one of my favs top favs: Kom ihåg mig (Remember me).

How did you become a fan of #10? (The birthday massacre)
Don't remember but I heard Happy birthday and then Blue and Lover's end.

Top 6 by #5 (Angus & Julia Stone)
All of me
Big jet plane
Just a boy
Lonely hands
Paper aeroplane
(only by Julia Stone)

Have you ever seen #10 live? (The birthday massacre)

Have you ever met #4? (The Cranberries)
Nope, but I want to see them live but they're not coming anywhere near Sweden this tour.

What's your favourite album by #1? (Lars Winnerbäck)
Efter nattens bränder 1 and 2 (After the night's fires) which is his "best of" CD ;)

Favourite lyric by #7? (Cirkus Miramar)
Lollipopocoaster II, Swedish:
Jag mötte en ängel i trappan till vinden med rimfrost i håret
och snövita kinder
hon sa du ska veta det är vinter i himlen idag
så se mig i ögonen se vad jag ser
och tänk på min tunga upp för ditt ben
det är vinter i himlen och syra och sex sakrament

My own translation to English:
I met an angel in the stairs to the attic with rime in hair
and snow white cheeks
she said you shall know it's winter in heaven today
so look me in the eyes and see what I see
and think of my tongue up your leg
it's winter in heaven and acid and six sacrament

What's #2's best song? (Within Temptation)
Gnh, if I really must choose I will pick Our solem hour which was the first song ever with them that truly captured me and made me a fan when I saw them live. I even cried.

Which one of these have you known the longest?
Savage garden

Favorite song by #9? (Alanis Morissette)

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