Monday, October 08, 2012

Music Monday: Miss Li

Plastic Faces by Miss Li, is as fresh as they come. The only youtube video that exists right now is an acoustic version (but I've found the original elsewhere)! The song is about her being tired of all the blogging, tweeting, facebooking etc, in other words: of all the "plastic faces".

Not only has the song interesting lyrics but it also has a catchy melody. I heard it on the radio on the 28th of September and it's still stuck ;) It makes you want to dance! The song comes from Miss Li's 6th album Tangerine Dreams which is released on Wednesday (10th of October).

Miss Li (Linda Carlsson) is a Swedish sing-songwriter with several music influences: pop, jazz, cabaret and folk music. She learnt to play piano in 2006 while also starting to write her own songs. Autumn 2006 she released her first album Late night heartbroken blues. Several of her songs has been featured in TV series like Grey's anatomy and Desperate housewives.

I searched high and low after hearing it on the radio and I found the song at the radio channel's web page and of course on Spotify.

Plastic faces by Miss Li
Lyssna: Miss Li – Plastic Faces

Spotify: Plastic faces by Miss Li

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