Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday: Marina, LiSA / Girls Dead Monster

My song is a ballad featured in the anime Angel Beats. It's in the series written, sung and played by the character Masami Iwasawa who is the lead and founder of the band Girls Dead Monster (Gdelmo). The "real vocalists" in Gdelmo are Marina and LiSA. Marina sings the songs for Iwasawa and LiSA for Yui (for example: A thousand enemies). The music is composed by Maeda and ANANT-GARDE EYES.

I was captured by My song due to episode 3 but also specially for this line "For you who have stumbled, I give you this song and the courage to fight once more" which I think is very beautiful. 

Iwasawa's / Marina's voice in this song goes straight into the heart even if you don't know (without reading the lyrics) what she actually sings. Another song by Iwasawa / Marina is Crow song, which I also recommend listening to (more energetic).

The song is in Japanese so I've added the lyrics in English below (thanks to animelyrics)

My days end as I'm trying to find where to vent my irritation
The sky is gray, I can't see anything beyond
People who act like they have common sense are laughing; what kind of  lie will they tell next?
How can they treasure what they obtain with those lies?
But we've got to move ahead, toward tomorrow
So I'm going to sing like this

You may be crying, you may be lonely
But that's perfect--that's what human is
The tears you shed say
Thank you for giving life to us--beautiful, honest, and real

Having dreams you want to fulfill and dreams you can't reach
Is dream and hope in itself. That's enough for us humans to live on
There's a door, it's waiting there
So I will reach out my hand

For you who have stumbled, I give you this song and the courage to fight once more
The tears you shed say
Thank you for the miracle of allowing us to meet in this sullied, ugly world
My song by Iwasawa / Marina

Spotify: Can't seem to find it, let me know if you do


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