Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's time for Christmas before Halloween

Sweden really don't celebrate Halloween, we have no trick-or-treaters knocking doors and there are a rare few who carve pumpkins. Some years back it was even hard to find any pumpkins at all! There are hardly any Halloween stuff in the stores and just a few events (like movie nights) and some clubs with Halloween theme.

Autumn overall seems to be a forgotten time here. I've heard of hay rides and warm cider and apple picking... and lots of other fun in the US. Here - nothing. October for Swedes is the time when the stores bring forth the Christmas ornaments. Kids stores, costumes stores and some grocery stores have a little Halloween stuff but other than that - Christmas.

Yesterday I was grocery shopping and the first thing that glared into my face was below wall in the entrance of the store. After that wall came more Christmas stuff. It feels like we're sucking the fun out of both autumn and Christmas.

Signs says "Seasonal goods" / "Make your Christmas" Photo: © Petite Caja

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