Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 must have mittens (for adults) on Etsy

Wool and fleece mittens [link]
Size: one size
A pair of stylish mittens that will definitely keep you warm with their wool outside and fleece inside. Just lovely! That extra little touch with the inverted purple and white really adds to the mittens.

Polar bear mittens [link]
Size: medium (female)
Adorable pair of mittens that will definitely make you feel special during the autumn and winter months. Made from comfy wool. They will make you smile when the weather is dreary.

Red and black pattern mittens [link]
Size: medium
This is a personal favourite of mine. Lovely patterns with a special look while not being over the top. They might not be a show stopper but they're very pretty with a lovely autumn feel to them.

Shark mittens [link]
Size: small
A show stopper! This listing is for someone who wants to stand out in the crowd and maybe have a little fun during the dark months of autumn and winter. Really unique and playful!

Flowers and sequins mittens [link]
Size: 9" / 23 cm long
Upcycled from cashmere sweaters with embroidery and sequin work. Lovely pair of mittens that will definitely make you feel posh in autumn and winter.

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