Wednesday, October 03, 2012

5 must have autumn leaf accessories on Etsy

Real leaf earrings [link]
Size: 3" / 7,62cm long
Real life leaves dipped in iridescent copper - how cool is that? They will definitely be a head turner. You will definitely stand out with these this autumn. Gorgeous!

Bobby pin leaf [link]
Size: 1.77" / 4,5cm long
Obs: Choose between gold and green tint
For the more modest one, that little thing that will truly highlight a dreary day and make you feel a little extra special. Really cute! Works perfect as everyday wear.

Glass acorn necklace [link]
Size: 0.8" / 2,1cm x 0.66" / 1,7cm, chain: 16-24" 40-61cm
Obs: You choose chain length
How unique and special! Perfect for autumn and specially for those who love acorns out there (like me). It works both dressed up and dressed down.

Embroidered leaf headband [link]
Size: 6.5" / 16,5cm long, 3.25" / 8,3cm wide
Obs: position of leaf is adjustable!
Simply gorgeous! Perfect for the ones with a love of headbands, not only will you get that autumn feel you will look and feel special on top of that. You will definitely stand out.

Skeleton leaf earrings [link]
Size: 2.44" / 6,2cm long
The perfect earrings to lift a dull day and feel a bit fancy, they can as easily also be used when going to a party. Moderate but still a stunner. A pair of perfect all round earrings.

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