Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 must have adorable rings on Etsy

Unicorn ring [link]
Size: adjustable
Who doesn't want their own unicorn with them everywhere? I do! This lovely ring is definitely a stand out piece that will make a grey day a bit brighter. Super cute and has a bit of a nod to My Little Pony.

Hamsa gold ring [link]
Size: pick your own size
This is a lovely ring with an amulet for power, fortune and defence (Hamsa). It's stackable and can also be used alone. Can be worn any time. Small but definitely pretty.

Mushroom terrarium ring [link]
Size: 19mm adjustable
A perfect ring for a forest stroll. It's definitely unique and stand out with its terrarium of natural moss and clay toadstool. A fun ring to wear any day of the week, more of a day ring than party ring.

Infinity knot silver ring [link]
Size: pick your own size
An adorable sterling silver ring with the famous infinity knot. A very sweet ring that can be used every day of the year. Great gift to someone dear. It's simple but stunning.

Strawberry waffle ring [link]
Size: adjustable
This ring is a real treat to have on your finger. It's perfect when you're meeting up someone to take a coffee and cake, or just lovely to wear as a statement ring (specially for the sweet tooth among us).

Note: All sellers have 100% positive feedback from customers and these rings are all from my personal favourites, so make sure to buy them before I do ;)

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