Thursday, September 06, 2012

Why do Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck have an eating disorder?

Barneys and Disney have teamed up to make Barneys' holiday campaign Electric holiday with our beloved Disney characters as models. Now, since "The standard Minnie Mouse will not look so good in a Lanvin dress." they had to make a 5.11" (180cm) Minne Mouse according to creative director Dennis Freedman at Barneys.

What kind of message does that send out? That you have to be a female amazon to be able to wear Lanvin? I think they could've made it work with Minnie's normal figure if only they wanted to. I mean, she's not "normal" but neither is women - we come in all shapes, sizes and lengths.

To top it off, both Minnie and Daisy looked like they're half drugged on the images that are wandering around the internet. The only one I've seen so far that looks good is Goofy, but that might be because he had the length, weight and the legs to begin with. Only the girls looks like they're on the brink of starvation at the same time as they look like someone torture stretched them in a rack.


  1. I agree with your assessment that Minnie and Daisey look far too skinny and send an unhealthy message to little girls about what a sexy body type is. However, after looking at the pictures posted on the, I have to comment on your apparent hypocrisy in saying that Goofey looks good. Take away the jacket, thick scarf, and huge boots and, for a male, he is every bit as unhealthy-skinny as either of the two female characters.

    So what, Disney and Barney's should be more conscientious about the message they're sending out to girls about what is considered "good looking" in women, but it is completely fine for them to shape little kids' minds into thinking that unless a boy is super duper skinny he's not attractive?

    The media's shaping of an unrealistic male-body image does not get nearly the amount of press as it has with their shaping of female-body image, but it is just as real. And a little boy, getting told day after day on the tv and in magazines that he is ugly because he's chubby can be just as scarring for him as it would be for any girl. Not only that, but they are also shaping little girl's minds about what is really attractive in boys.

    I don't know if you personally find really skinny boys attractive or not, but as girl who grew up with a brother who happened to be chubby, it would always kill me when time after time this sweet wonderful sensitive totally-great brother of mine would fall for some girl and would think she really liked him, only to find out she just liked him as a friend and the boy she really liked was that skinny boy in her 2nd period science class or that tall skinny boy on the basketball team. It'd killed me back then, and I think it killed a bit of him too, because now that we're both grown up, like most people our age, I had my fair share of boyfriends [before finding the man of my dreams who I'll be marrying in March <3], while my brother has never had a serious relationship and I worry never will because whenever I ask him about girls he just says, "what girl would want a fat guy like me?"

    So thank you for standing up for us women when it comes to companies like Disney instilling in girls a negative body image, but I wish you'd use the power of your blog to condemn them for promoting a negative body image in boys as well (instead of supporting it): not for me, but for boys like my sweet brother who will probably never realize how beautiful they really are!

    1. Hello Anon :)
      First off, I just want to say congrats and I hope your wedding day will be everything you and your beloved ever wanted and more.

      Second, to what you wrote. What I meant with saying that Goofy looked good was compared to the other two and that he actually looks like he usually does - which kids are used to see him in (no matter how skinny he is, he's not skinnier at least than before). They didn't change him, maybe if it was Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse they would have and that would have been equally wrong in my book.

      They're characters for kids, they should be shown in the shape they come in no matter if it's short, fat, thin, bumpy, etc. Goofy is in the shape he's created.

      I wrote: "The only one I've seen so far that looks good is Goofy, but that might be because he had the length, weight and the legs to begin with." which means that he's the way he was made and that (fortunately for Barney) fit with the model type, therefore he still looks good since he's himself.

      I grew up with "chubby" step brothers and a step mum constantly fighting her weight. I know it isn't easy and I have friends who fight with both under and over weight.

      It wasn't a personal opinion about Goofy being good looking, it was a statement that of the bunch he actually still looked decent (thus good).

      I'm sad to hear about your brother and that people don't try to see the inside instead. I do hope he will find a girl who will.

      So no, I do not support a negative body type. I support being happy in the body you have no matter how it looks like, same goes with the gender, sexuality and skin colour you might have. I am pro differences and I think we can learn from them instead of seeing the divide.

      Disney has an issue with how they portray people in general both shapes (length, weight, etc.) and races - most of the princesses are white. And you are right, they're no better in the male area BUT most boys don't look up to the princes (and have them as dolls and dress up as them) as girls do.

      I do hope my reply cleared up a bit, if there are any uncertainties please don't hesitate to ask me. I also do hope you will read this, I'm unsure since I don't know who you are.

      Anyway, have a great day (or night)!


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