Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: The dark knight rises

It's been 8 years since last time and Batman haven't been seen and Bruce Wayne have locked himself up away from everybody. A new villain enters the stage: Bane together with an unstable nuclear bomb. Bruce therefore must put on the Batman suit again to save Gotham City.

I've always been intrigued by the Batman universe, mostly because of Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and of course Cat woman... I must admit, I like female villains, so I felt it was time to watch the last movie in the trilogy. Unfortunately I haven't seen part 2 yet but I felt I understood and could follow the intrigue anyway.

The former Batman movies, before Christopher Nolan's trilogy, haven't been dark enough for me, I've liked them but it's been missing that little extra which I think The dark knight rises has. It's right now my favourite hero movie so far. I like the darkness in it, though who the bad guy was wasn't that hard to figure out - unfortunately.

I found it interesting how many similarities Bane's mission (officially) had with the French revolution. The Bastille prison was stormed 14th of July 1789 and Bane stormed the Black gate prison, he also said he wanted to give back the power to the people just as the revolutionists in France wanted. In France the rich were taken from their homes, sentenced by the Revolutionary Tribunal and guillotined. In Gotham City, the rich were taken from their homes, sentenced by The Scarecrow and either exiled (killed) or killed.

Christian Bale did a great job as Batman but I was at first a bit hesitant against having Anne Hathaway as Cat woman. Hathaway did do a good job though and I, in a way, liked how more human Cat woman was in this movie, her past and her motives worked well with the character. I also need to make a nod against Michael Caine who, as before, made a great Alfred.

I think the mood was excellent and the movie overall was well made. Not even once did I wonder how much time it was left. I therefore think it's sad, specially considering the ending, that Christopher Nolan says there won't be a fourth film. I might buy this DVD when it comes out.

The Dark Knight Rises - BANE by ~ADAMshoots on deviantART

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