Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Review: Chelsea Horror Hotel by Dee Dee Ramone

Left: Swedish book, Right: English book
I saw this on a random sale outside a book store and just had to have it. There are a lot of twists and turns and I can't say if it's a horror story or not...

Chelsea Horror Hotel is written with Dee Dee as himself living at Chelsea Hotel with his dog and young wife. He kills people, he do drugs, he hangs with Sid Vicious, he meets the devil, he grows worms out of his head and see how a man is eaten by piranhas. It all circulate around the hotel and the people living there, but foremost it's about Dee Dee himself and his interactions with these people.

It took me some time to get through this book but it was worth reading, maybe not for the book itself but because it's written by the legendary Dee Dee Ramone who is unfortunately not longer with us. I can definitely understand why this book have gotten a cult status. It's like being in the mind of someone tripping on drugs... and we get to meet other famous people like Stiv Bator, Johnny Thunder and so forth at the famous Chelsea.

I'd say read it, but it's more perfect for horror buffs and punk nerds so be warned if you're not one of those ;)

I read the Swedish translation. (left image)
Useless info: The Swedish book's "horror" on the cover glow in the dark

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