Friday, September 07, 2012

I must tell you about a seagull

On our way home from our Germany weekend we met Måsen* (The Seagull), which is one of the coolest seagulls I've met. S/he flew next to the ship and caught food which people threw from the deck. Now, you say, so? BUT it comes more!

Måsen, next to the ship
Photo: © Petite Caja

At one point Måsen missed the food and instead of trying to get more s/he flew down to the water right next to this gigantic ship and tried to find the food. The remarkable though wasn't the fact that Måsen seemed to find the food again it's the fact that Måsen, despite the waves and despite the strong wind, flew back up to us again.

I think we all can learn a little from Måsen. Fight for what you want and you will get it.

Måsen, the badass seagull
Photo: © Petite Caja

*How to pronounce Måsen:
Moe (the bar owner in Simpsons)

Zen (a school of Buddhism)

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