Wednesday, September 05, 2012

5 must have detachable shirt collars on Etsy

First bunch: Some must have detachable shirt collars on Etsy

Crochet collar [link]
Size: circumference: 22" / 55cm, width of stripe: 2.5" / 6,5cm
Colour: You choose from 5 different options
Obs: Can be custom made
I think this is really sweet and works with both sweaters and a strapless dress depending on what style you want to go for. My personal favourite is the brown one. Perfect this fall.

Red floral collar [link]
Size: inner curve: 15.5" / 39cm, width: 2.5" / 6cm
I simply love this Peter Pan collar and I think you will too. It's fun without going overboard and perfect with a sweater (in any colour really) this fall. Great way to spice up your outfit if you wear a sweater and jeans.

Convertible feather collar [link]
Size: -
A stunning piece that would be perfect with an evening gown. You can use this either as a collar or a bolero. It's definitely going to be that stand out piece everybody will talk about.

Metal collar [link]
Size: -, width: 1.57" / 4cm
This, this is such a gorgeous collar. It works with anything and with any style. You can use it either as a collar or as a necklace depending on what you're wearing. Since it's silver it works best for cold hue tones.

Sweet floral collar [link]
Size: inner curve: 17.5" / 44cm
A sweet collar that truly lifts your mood. Perfect all year round, specially in the middle of winter when you want it to be spring soon. I think this is just too lovely!

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