Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 must have coats for autumn/winter on Etsy

NOTE: The coats range from $128 to $185 (USD) in price.

Herringbone coat [link]
Size: custom (made to order)
This is truly a stunner! The cut it is beautiful and even the hood looks fashionable, which is quite hard to pull off. Lovely belt at the waist to accentuate your forms. Truly a stand out coat.

Stylish coat [link]
Size: XS-L (can be custom ordered)
Look at the detailing at the waist! It also has buttons on the sleeves, so pretty. This is truly a killer and would make anyone feel truly hot. Lovely skirt to top it off, truly a stunner!

Cashmere coat [link]
Size: custom (made to order)
Lovely jacket with a trench coat look - but warmer. The warm brown is truly wonderful and works best with women with a warm skin tone. With the right accessories you will be ready for autumn.

Double breasted cape [link]
Size: XS-L
Gorgeous! This is the perfect coat for those out there who just love the cape style (like me) with a touch of military vibes. So lovely and definitely a jacket that will make you feel special.

Green hood coat [link]
Size: custom
Obs: choose lining and colour yourself from list
My favourite from the bunch. So pretty without going overboard and with a lovely empire waist. It will attract compliments I'm sure while making you feel original.

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