Tuesday, September 25, 2012

30 questions about TV series and I answered

I love lists and quizzes so when I stumbled over below list about TV series I just had to answer it. If you answer it I'd love to see your answers so comment below with a link!

1. A TV series that should never have been cancelled?
Legend of the seeker. I mean come on, when it was finally getting really good and the characters had evolved a bit more and then it get cancelled. Upsetting. Also, Gossip girl as soon as the 10 episodes this autumn have aired. I would have also liked to see more of Young Americans (upsetting season finale) with a young Ian Somerhalder (Damon in Vampire diaries) and Off the map, it was getting interesting.

2. A TV series you wish more watched?
Stargate Universe, then it wouldn't have been cancelled.

3. Your favourite among the new TV series for the season?
Bedlam, it's scary and interesting, finally a guy who see ghosts not just like Medium and Ghost whisperer with female heroines.

4. Your favourite TV series ever?
I think My so-called life will always have a special place in my heart.

5. A TV series which you hate?
Oh so many, mostly Swedish reality shows about "normal" people (idiots) who is on vacation or shopping or some other trivial thing. Bleh. Idol and such stuff is ok but I wouldn't watch it though.

6. Your favourite episode from your favourite TV series?
I can never single out episodes, I barely remember their names. The finale of season 2 Gossip girl when Chuck awaits Blair with all her favourite things and they kiss passionately. Oh and I also love the episode where Lucas tells Peyton in One Tree Hill "It's you, it's always been you" after winning an important basket ball game. I'm such a sucker for romance.

7. Least favourite episode of your favourite TV series?
Last ever episode of Legend of the seeker - like why? WHY did it have to end like that?

8. A TV series that everybody should watch?
My so-called life, it's the mother of teen series. Oh and of course Gossip girl and Vampire diaries but those are more optional ;) and Game of thrones but I think everybody already do, haha.

9. Best scene ever?
I think I answered that in question 6. I don't have favourite episodes, I have favourite scenes.

10. A TV series you didn't think you would like but ended up loving?
Gossip girl. I was against it the first season and then I ended up watching a bit and fell in love, same with One Tree Hill and Vampire diaries. Mostly due to being a student and seeing the reruns during the day.

11. A TV series that disappointed you?
Can't come up with anyone actually.

12. An episode you've seen more than 5 times?
Probably several The Simpsons episodes, Friends and Sex and the city. Reruns baby ;)

13. Favourite TV series from childhood?
Hm... I watched too much crap in those days, can't single one out. Probably Charmed.

14. Male favourite character?
x.x Can't choose but I've made a list of 10 male characters I love in TV series.

15. Female favourite character?
Same here as question nr 14: 10 female characters I love in TV series.

16. Guilty pleasure TV series?
Hm... don't know. All of them?

17. Favourite mini series?
Sherlock. I'd say that's a mini series!

18. Favourite TV series which started earlier than 2000?
SG-1, My so-called life, Friends, Sex and the city, Buffy the vampire slayer, Star Trek: the next generation, Charmed

19. Best cast?
Hm... tough choice...The big bang theory, maybe?

20. Favourite kiss?
Chuck and Blair, Spike and Buffy, Damon and Elena

21. Favourite couple?
Always the wrong one. I always root for the wrong guy to be with the heroine of the series. Thankfully my favourite couple Chuck and Blair, probably, will end up together.

22. Favourite TV series finale?
I never really like endings because then it's over. In a way Friends, I cried my eyes out.

23. Most annoying character?

24. Best quote?
“I’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities and art and music. Genuine beauty. And you can have all of it." Klaus in Vampire diaries to Caroline

25. A TV series you're planning to watch (new or old)?
Gossip girl, Vampire diaries, Grey's anatomy

26. Biggest OMG moment?
I can't decide. Gnh!

27. Best pilot?
Barely remember any but I quite liked Stargate Universe's pilot episode.

28. First TV obsession?
A little too much, I was a lonely kid with too much time on my hands (except when I was caught up in writing, drawing or reading that is). Probably Bolibompa, a kids show that has been going forever, really popular when I was a toddler. All Swedish kids up to 5yo watched Bolibompa in the 90's.

29. Ongoing TV obsession?
Vampire diaries and Gossip girl

30. Saddest character death?
I cried when Jodi in McLeod's daughters "died" oh and high up on the saddest death must be when Lexie Grey in Grey's anatomy died in the season 8 finale.

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