Friday, September 14, 2012

10 male characters I love in TV series

It was hard to narrow it down to only 10, for example isn't Dr Reid [Criminal minds] or Klaus [Vampire diaries] among them (but they should be). Below you have the hunks and the nerds... and a lot of the time the boys with a hard exterior but with a big, loving heart on the inside.

They're in no order whatsoever because that would've been too hard for me to decide. Enjoy!

1. Chuck Bass [Gossip Girl]

2. Daniel Jackson [SG-1]

3. Spike [Buffy the vampire slayer]

4. Lucas Scott [One Tree Hill]

5. Damon Salvatore [Vampire diaries]

6. Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock]

7. Ronon Dex [Stargate Atlantis]

8. Eli Wallace [Stargate Universe]

9. Pacey Witter [Dawson's creek]

10.Sheldon Cooper [Big Bang Theory]

Curious about my list of female characters?
Here: 10 female characters I love in TV series

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