Friday, September 14, 2012

10 female characters I love in TV series

There was a plan to have an order in all this but it was hard to limit it down to 10 and even harder to put them in order. These women have had different glory days in my life and they're all strong and smart in their own way. Rayanne Graff [My so-called life] was an idol to me when I was in 6th grade and I even coloured a strand of hair blonde just as she had it. I can tell more about all of them but I won't, instead I will just give you the list:

1. Stevie Hall [McLeod's daughters]

2. Rayanne Graff [My so-called life]

3. Peyton Sawyer [One Tree Hill]

4. Jen Lindley [Dawson's creek]

5. Cara Mason [Legend of the seeker]

6. Seven of Nine [Star Trek: Voyager]

7. Blair Waldorf [Gossip girl]

8. Phoebe Halliwell [Charmed]

9. Samantha Carter [SG-1]

10. Xena [Xena the warrior princess]

Curious about my list of male characters?
Here: 10 male characters I love in TV series

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