Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wonderful flea market finds

I was at a special flea market last Sunday which only pops up once a year and I found some really nice things, some were truly cheap.

1. A tray with French street
It says in the back Hollingsworth, Stockholm design and Giovanni Trimboli but to my knowledge the last one is a photographer and not a painter. Unsure who's responsible for this beautiful image but I'm really glad I found the tray, it will come to great use!

2. Children's book: Resan till landet längesen by Elsa Beskow
I couldn't resist, it didn't cost much and I remember I loved another book by Elsa when I was a child and I have, for the time being, a thing for children's movies and books. Original is from 1923, mine is printed my birth year: 1987. I will read it soon.

3. Children's book: Vem ska trösta knyttet? by Tove Jansson
Mumins are quite expensive here so when I found this and saw the price (like 1/3 of usual) I had to have it. Original is from 1960 and is the second book in the series. Mine is from 1991. I have for some time now planning to dress as the green Snufkin (see picture) for Halloween. I read the book as soon as I got home. English title: Who will comfort toffle?

4. The tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter (English)
It's apparently according to the backside the original Peter Rabbit miniature collection. I just fell in love with this (and two others) due to the size (I like small books). Original is from 1903 and this miniature edition was first published 1988. It has an old book smell which I love.

5. The tale of Tom Kitten by Beatrix Potter (English)
Same as above really, only difference is first published 1907 and this miniature edition is from 1987.

6. The tale of Benjamin Bunny (English)
Just as nr 4 and 5 except the original is from 1904 and this miniature edition from 1986.

7. British phone booth
It just stood there waiting for me and I had to take it, perfect to save some extra money in or just have as an ornament. It actually has something on all four sides, it's 3D!

8. and 9. Two butterfly brooches
There were a gazillion brooches on this flea market but all of them were quite expensive and not at all in my price range until I found these two. I really like angels, fairies and butterflies so I felt it was a perfect fit. Brooches can be used in so many ways too :)

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