Thursday, August 09, 2012

Women in Culture: Anna Piaggi

On the 7th of August this year the fashion world lost another bright star; Anna Piaggi, at the age of 71.

From wikipedia by Captain Catan
What made her stand out from the crowd wasn't her work per say but because of her own sense of style. She wasn't made in a cookie cutter like everyone else, she had fun with patterns and colours, it was extravagant and avant-garde and she worked it!

In 2006 she exhibited her clothes and shoes at Victoria and Albert Museum and according to the museum she had 2 865 dresses and  265 pairs of shoes! She never wore the same outfit twice out in public. Check out three of her wonderful outfits (I love them) at The Sartorialist!

Anna has worked as a translator for an Italian translating company. She has also written for the avant-garde magazine Vanity in the 80's and for Italian Vogue. She's especially famous for a double spread in Vogue where she got free expression in a montage of images and text.

Anna Piaggi was definitely a special woman with guts to be herself which almost seem to be a lost art in this day of age. Rest in peace Anna.

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