Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some must have galaxy prints on Etsy

Galaxy shorts [link]
Size: several
Shorts - this years trend. Why not stand out from all the plain jeans shorts with a pair of these this fall, works great with a black sweater or long cardigan. It's the big colour pop you need.

Galaxy shoes [link]
Size: 5,5-11 US, 35,5-43,5 EU
Aren't these too stunning? It will feel like you're walking on clouds when out in these. It will be like Dorothy's special shoes that brought her home to Kansas. You will definitely feel special.

Galaxy sweater [link]
Size: -
Obs: made to order
Not as much a wow-piece as the two above but maybe more for the shy one who still wants to go for the galaxy print. I think it looks beautiful and works with a big range of clothes like jeans (as on picture) and skirts.

Galaxy circle scarf [link]
Size: -
The perfect accessory this fall, why not use it both inside and outside! And since it's a circle you can do endless things with it, as seen on picture is one example - use your imagination. I think it's just wonderful.

Galaxy ear plugs [link]
Size: 0g-9/16" / 8-14mm
Oh so pretty! Why not spice up your ears too? This is just lovely for those gauged ears, you will really make them pop. Why not go for these and something from above?

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