Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Snow white and the Huntsman

I've heard both good and bad about Snow white and the Huntsman and I've been completely mesmerized by Charlize Theron's version of the evil queen in the trailers so I finally decided to see it.

This version of Snow white was a harder and darker version than usual and I found it fascinating, they did it quite well. The music really lifted it and set the tone for the movie but the title could've been better. I assumed, due to the title: and the Huntsman, that the huntsman would get a bigger role than he actually ended up getting.

I quite liked it overall but a big problem I found with it was that it planted seeds here and there but never made them into trees, probably because it needed half an hour or even an hour more(!). Two hours wasn't enough. I must say though that it was visually appealing with some truly extraordinary scenes (specially those with the evil queen).

Something which truly bothered me though with Snow white was the total rip off from Princess Mononoke. If you haven't seen Mononoke you will think it's a beautiful scene but if you have seen it you will see all the similarities and be annoyed. I truly do hope they asked first.

There were of course things I really liked with it too, it's a nice and for the most parts a well made movie.

I liked that they gave the evil queen motives to why she behaves the way she does and not like usual with fairy tales where the bad guys aren't shaped to become who they are, they just are bad naturally. I felt sorry for the evil queen. I wanted to know more about her and what shaped her.

The queen's companion, the mirror, is another thing I wanted to know more about. I think this is the most awesome way I've seen the mirror being portrayed ever. I wanted to know what the words around it mean, how the queen came into its possession and more. The mirror intrigued me.

I also liked the character design of the dwarves and how they weren't stereotypical as they have a tendency to be in most movies and stories, just as the queen's mirror. The dwarves were their own characters in their own right and I liked how they wasn't just a side kick amusement but important to the story as well. What really added to the characters, I think, was the excellent choice of actors for the dwarves.

What amused me while watching though was that yet again two boys want Kristen Stewart's character (just as Twilight) but the story never really followed that path as much as it could have. The movie, in general, isn't a love story as the original Snow white (with the lovely prince) but more of an action movie.

Overall a great movie, specially for the effects which work well on the big screen but I think it could've been even more amazing. What made the movie for me was of course, as I expected, Charlize Theron's evil queen. I'm glad I decided to see it but I'm not sure if I would buy the DVD.

Snow White and Huntsman by *daekazu on deviantART

Note: I could write a lot of things about this movie and I did in the original draft but I decided to keep some of my personal annoyances like Snow white's clothes or that she never seemed surprised or taken by her surroundings despite being locked up for ages.

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